Deep and Wide

I want to greet you on this Lord’s Day in the name of our Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

As God calls us to gather in this place, let us remember the reason why we come. We have come, not only inward to His holy presence, but upward to His holy mountain. We are taken further in and further up that our eyes might be enlarged to see the majestic view of our redemption.

From up here we see the great flood of His wrath against our sin. Our sin is deep and it is wide. But we also see the ark of Christ Who rescues us and keeps us safe from the rising waters.

However, this is only part of the story. God did not rescue us from the flood of His wrath that we might leave the ark and go about our merry way on dry ground. No, God put us into the ark of Christ to take us from one great flood, the flood of judgment, into another great flood, the flood of the Gospel.

Let us also see this flood today. It also goes deep and wide. The Gospel goes deep into our hearts and minds. And it goes wide flowing out into every area of our lives and our world. As this big Gospel flows in and through the church, the glory of the Lord will fill the whole earth as the waters cover the sea.

So on this Lord’s Day, let us rejoice with thanksgiving for the great flood of wrath we have been rescued from. Let us also rejoice in hope for the great flood of the Gospel that we have been rescued to. And may all of us find in Christ an ark that keeps us safe from our sin and draws us to greater depths and further horizons of His glory than we ever imagined possible.  AMEN.


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