Eyes Wide Open

I want to greet you on this Lord’s Day in the name of our Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

As we think about labor and rest this weekend in anticipation of Labor Day tomorrow, let us remember that the rest we are called to today is different. We are called to the rest of worship not the rest of sleep. We are called to the rest of victorious celebration not the rest of lazy indifference.

The Triune God has called us to rest on this Lord’s Day. And resting is remembering. Resting is rejoicing. Resting is responding to God’s Word. Resting is renewing our minds that we might have the mind of Christ. Resting is reward.

Our rest is this life is fleeting pleasure at best. We rest that we might labor. At the resurrection, when Christ returns for His bride, the labor will be the rest. The rest will be everlasting. No longer will our eyes close as the day gives way to night and our bodies give way to weakness.

It will be a day without night. We will rest with eyes wide open. We will rest with sword and trowel in hand. There will be no sleep in our eyes nor sweat on our brow. Let us give thanks for the Sabbath rest in this life that is preparing us for an eternal Sabbath rest in the life to come. AMEN.


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