Forgetting What is Behind- Part 1

The False Hope of Nostalgia

There is a strong temptation for us to look back into the past with rose-colored glasses.  We remember what we want to remember and it always looks better than our present circumstances.  There is a right way to look back with longing- a longing for lost truth, lost goodness, or lost beauty.  But too often, we look back in such a way that denies the progressive march of God’s glorious plan of redemption and restoration as history moves, not in circles or downhill, but ever onward and upward.

This is the false hope of Egypt.  It’s like giving up a dollar for a 5ct. diamond ring, and the whole time it’s on your finger glittering in your eye, all you can think about is how that crisp, new one dollar bill would feel in your hand again.  Yes, the Israelites probably ate better in Egypt, but they did it with shackles on their wrists.


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