Idols in Our Cupboards

“We live in a time when all of the Ten Commandments are broken routinely, and half of them are mocked openly. And this is the generation that wants to lecture me about eating a chicken that Old MacDonald never sang e-i-e-i-o to. Wisdom is vindicated by her children. We piped but ye did not dance. We bought the Happy Meal but ye did not play with the toy.” –Doug Wilson (excerpt from blog)

Idols are funny things.  They can pop up just about anywhere.  Words like “organic”, “fat free” and “low calorie” don’t sound too dangerous on the surface.  But that’s just it.  Idols don’t come with good labels.  That would be too easy.  They come wrapped in pretty little packages that are pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the taste (Genesis 3:6).  It’s only when we get to the bottom of the box that we realize the kind of prize we were after all along…a skinny body (the kind we need to feel good about ourselves, to get the approval we think is important, or to grasp at the affection of another), a healthy body (not the kind that is good stewardship, but the kind that makes it look like you are trying to squeeze every last breath out of this life before you have to endure eternity), a clean body (to ease your conscience about the real junk getting crammed into your ears, eyes, and mind), and the many other goodies that we love too much. 

Every time we sit down at the table we sit down to worship (1 Cor.10:31).  We are either worshipping the Triune God who gives good things to His children by giving thanks and eating with joyful hearts, or we are worshipping the flesh and the world by sinful gluttony (food is the source of my joy and peace) or sinful dieting (the body is the source of my joy and peace.)  Both are tasteless and smelly in comparison to the table set before us by the Lord.  When we eat, we eat for the glory of God,  When we fast, we fast for the glory of God.  Does this mean we shouldn’t eat things that are organic or fat-free?  Of course, not.  It means that eating and drinking are always about more than just eating and drinking.  All food is of the Lord.  But all food can be eaten as if it were served at the table of worldliness.  It’s not what you eat but how you eat and why you eat that makes all the difference.


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