You Can Put Lipstick on a Pig…

“Some say that we need to get back to the basics, with strict discipline in academics.  Some call for vouchers…others say we need to return to the teaching of morality.  But why?  Which morality?  The people who made the mess say that more money is required.  But throughout all calls for reform, the goal of keeping the schools functioning as the great equalizer for all our students is diligently maintained. 

“Given the egalitarian goals, Christians should of course walk away.  But they, still thinking of the schools as somehow theirs, call for a return of prayer to the schools, and the teaching of creation alongside evolution.  But Proverbs tells us that a beautiful woman without discretion is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout.  Why prayer in an officially agnostic institution?  Why the teaching of creation in an officially pluralistic institution?  Why do we think it is a victory when the pagans admit our Lord, as an option just for some, to their pantheon of gods many and lords many? 

“Why on earth do Christian parents spend their energy trying to teach this addled whore how to put on her make-up better?  Perhaps it is because she is getting so ugly that fornication with her is now a trial, and sleeping with her is becoming wearisome.  But, of course, a longing for a return to the early stages of the sin is hardly repentance. ‘Lord’, we earnestly pray, ‘this harlot was once good-looking.  If it be Thy will, would you make her so again?’” –Doug Wilson, Repairing the Ruins


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