Crumbs of Love

"…a criminal is condemned to die, and yet by favor he has his supper provided overnight.  Now though the criminal has forfeited all his rights to all things, to every bit of bread, yet if he is given his supper he does not steal it.  This is true though he has forfeited all rights by his fault, and after he has once been condemned he has no right to anything.  So it is with the wicked:  they have forfeited all their right to the comforts of this world, they are condemned by God as criminals, and are going to execution; but if God in His bounty gives them something to preserve them here in this world, they cannot be said to be thieves and robbers. 

But if a man is given a supper overnight before his execution, is that like the supper that he was wont to have in his own house, when he ate his own bread, and had his wife and children about him?  Oh, a dish of green herbs at home would be a great deal better than any dainties in such a supper as that.  But a child of God has not a right merely by donation; what he has is his own, through the purchase of Christ. 

Every bit of bread you eat, if you are a godly man or women, Jesus has bought it for you.  You go to the market and buy your meat and drink with your money, but know that before you buy it, or pay money, Christ has bought it at the hand of God the Father with His blood.  You have it at the hands of men for money, but Christ has bought it at the hand of His Father by His blood.  Certainly it is a great deal better and sweeter now, though it is but a little.” –Jeremiah Burroughs, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment


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