The Day of Small Things

Here are a few words I shared with the families of Pinnacle Classical Academy as we gathered to celebrate and prepare for the very first day of this new school.

This night is a testimony to the faithfulness of our Lord and the sacrifices of many who believe in what we have set out to accomplish through Pinnacle Classical Academy.

The first year is always a special time as a few families step out in faith for the good of their children and to set the course for future generations.

Much planning and preparation and prayer have gone into bringing us to this point. The foundation has been laid. It is a foundation built upon the belief that the Triune God is the creator and king over all creation, that nothing can be truly known apart from knowing Him, and that it is the gospel of Jesus Christ that redeems and restores individuals, cultures, nations, and all things.

The foundation has been laid and the first floor is ready for construction. You will help establish the building materials with which this school is built. Let me encourage you tonight to keep these things in mind as we build.

First, God builds His kingdom through glorious messes. That is the way He has ordained human history. That is the way He has ordained the history of His church. I believe it is the way He will accomplish His purposes through Pinnacle Classical Academy. It will look more like a family than a corporation. It will look more like an artist’s floor than an assembly line.

Second, God builds His kingdom over generations not school years. Psalm 90 instructs us in this way: “Teach me to number my days that I may present to you a heart of wisdom.” It requires patient faith to parent children. This includes their education.

Third, God builds His kingdom through failures that strengthen and successes that humble. Let us remember to see the good in both and give thanks.


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