Sing It Again, Daddy

Can you think of two things children love more than stories and songs?  I know this is true in my own family.  I can remember my two oldest going through a phase where they would sing their conversations.  We were living in a never-ending opera.  When was it that we stopped singing?  When did we move on from the beauty of a story to the brevity of a bulleted list? We don’t have time for the amount of imagination, reflection and analysis necessary with stories.  We don’t have the deep joy and hope necessary for words to become songs. 

Aren’t you glad that God revealed Himself to us in a way more suited for little children than grownups?  The Scriptures are story and song.  Yes, God’s Word has its share of lists and instructions and rules, but they are always to be read and understood within the context of the story.  When you see the grand drama of redemption being played out on the stage of human history, believe me, the Ten Commandments start to sing.  The genealogies start telling stories.  The question is do we have eyes to see and ears to hear? 

I will admit that it is not an easy song to learn or an easy story to remember.  We are bombarded with endless images and noises.  We aren’t always listening to the right Voice.  We sometimes add to or take away from the story to better suit our own preferences.  We must fight against this or be forever constrained to shadows of truth with no life in them.  A good place to start is rediscovering sermons that sing and songs that preach. 

As a father there is one request that is rarely refused and is always music to my ears, “Sing it again, Daddy!”  May we ask the same of our good and perfect Father.  Tell us again the story of all stories, sing to us again the song of all songs. 

One thought on “Sing It Again, Daddy

  1. Hi Joey,

    Good post. As you know, I’m pursuing this “story” theme in other areas. Already, it has opened my eyes to the glory and majesty of God’s narrative. I’m reading this book now:

    Basically, the author lays out God’s story like a play with acts and scenes. He makes the story of God and us fit together.


    PS As your kids get older, don’t be surprised if they want you to sing less. Mine seem to think that I don’t sing as well as I used to. 🙂

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