Angels in the Architecture

So a new elementary school just opened up in Little Rock.  It is located in an area where we do a lot of yardwork, so I saw the progress as it was being built on a weekly basis.  As I watched this $25,500,000 school take shape, I couldn’t help but wonder why schools always end up looking like weird, modern factories these days?  I mean, if I had that much money to build a school to house less than a thousand kids, it would certainly look a bit more majestic.  But that’s the problem, isn’t it?  The inward reality of motives and desires always bubbles up to the surface eventually.  These modern schools look like factories or corporate offices because that is exactly what they are.  We are training up a generation of worker bees who are well-equipped as producers and consumers but cannot see or think past the cultural hive in which they exist.  

God forbid that we should educate our children amidst steeples and columns and stained glass.  We would not want them to see all of life pointing up to the God of heaven or all of life pillared in the unchanging truth of Scripture, or every vocation and calling filtered through the mosaic of beauty and worship.  No, there are angels in the architecture and we must be careful how we build lest our children accidentally catch a glimpse of them in the process.

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