All the World’s a Stage (but pulpits should not be)

“[People] will give you leave to preach against their sins, and to talk as much as you will for godliness in the pulpit, if you will but let them alone afterwards, and be friendly and merry with them when you have done, and talk as they do, and live as they, and be indifferent with them in your conversation.

“For they take the pulpit to be but a stage; a place where preachers must show themselves, and play their parts; where you have liberty for an hour to say what you [desire]; and what you say they regard not, if you show them not, by saying it personally to their faces, that you were in good earnest, and did indeed mean them.” – Richard Baxter, The Reformed Pastor


3 thoughts on “All the World’s a Stage (but pulpits should not be)

  1. No. I have no problem with what Beck did last weekend. In fact, in my younger years I would have been there. The problem is not making the public square into a pulpit. The problem is with preaching in the church that remains in the church building and is not followed up in living rooms and coffee shops with the same kind of boldness and passion.

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