The Gift of Sight in a Strip Club

When it comes to sensitive topics, the education of our children has to rank near the top.  Few things can erupt into heated debate as quickly and as personally as this one.  A lot of it has to do with the fact that we love our children.  We want what’s best for them and tend to feel very strongly about the choices we make as parents.  The other reason is that we don’t like even the slightest implication that we might be mistaken or misguided in their education.  However, there are some real dangers we must be aware of along the way.

God created Adam and placed him in a place where he could learn and grow from the Creator himself.  Adam, in turn, was to teach these things to Eve, his wife.  They both were to teach these things that they were learning to their children who would teach them to their children.  In this way the earth would be “filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”  But like all good gifts, this gift had the potential of becoming a curse to them.  And that’s exactly what happened.  God gave them the gift of sight and they looked with longing upon the forbidden fruit.  God taught them how to speak and Eve spoke to a serpent.  God taught them how to listen and understand and Adam listened to his wife who listened to the serpent.

All of us want a good education for our children.  But a “good education” can become a great curse for them if we do not instruct their minds and hearts in wisdom.  I once read somewhere (I wish I could remember who wrote it) that teaching our children to read without teaching them how to think and discern rightly what they read is to send them out even more susceptible to the lies and snares of the world.  A child who can read will not only read Dr. Seuss but also every billboard and magazine cover they see.  The gift of sight is a wonderful thing unless you’re standing in a strip club.  In that case, blindness is a blessing. 

We love our children.  We love the grandchildren and great-grandchildren that will come along in the future.  All of these little ones will be born as natural learners.  By God’s grace all of them will be born with eyes and ears and hearts.  Let us not become satisfied with anything less than the kind of education that cultivates discerning eyes, disciplined ears, and devoted hearts.  


2 thoughts on “The Gift of Sight in a Strip Club

  1. Good post, Joey. It reminds me of what the folks at CCEF say; that is, you don’t have to sit in a counselor’s office to receive counseling – we receive counsel whether we intentionally seek it or not. Everyone around us has an opinion about how to live life: the person in the cubicle next to you at work, the fellow congregant at church, Oprah on television. Everyone is a counselor and a counselee. In the same way, we are all teachers and learners. Even on the playground a three year old is teaching the other three year olds how to play in the sand, and those three year olds are learning. Our kids are learning all the time. It’s up to us parents to guide them in the right direction and steer them away from the wrong one.


    1. Good point. Paul Tripp has some good stuff about us all being created as revelation receivers. We are getting signals all the time. The other thing I thought of comes from Wilson’s book, My Life for Yours, where he makes the point that we often see the warning against wicked companions as just pertaining to physical friends. In fact, many households invite wicked company into their homes all the time through music and entertainment.

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