The Corruption of Worry

“…there are three kinds of anxieties.  There are some that are evil and wicked in themselves, because they spring from distrust.  Of these Christ speaks in Matthew 6:25. 

There are others that are necessary and are not displeasing to God:  as, for example, it becomes the father of a family to be concerned for his wife and children, and God does not mean that we should be mere stumps, so as to have no concern as to ourselves. 

The third class are a mixture of the two former, when we are anxious respecting those things as to which we ought to feel anxiety, but [we] feel too keenly excited, in consequence of that excess that is natural to us.  Such anxieties, therefore, are not by any means wrong in themselves, but they are corrupt in consequence of…undo excess.”—John Calvin, Commentary on 1 Corinthians 7:33


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