Treading Water in a Sea Meant to Be Sailed

In one of those providential ironies of life, I am currently leading our small group Bible study through a discussion on decision making and finding God’s Will and find myself neck deep in  decisions and uncertainty. And while I know how to swim through such waters while standing safely on the shore, it is amazing how quickly I forget how to swim when God sends His waves of circumstance to drag me into the deep waters where I am incapable of standing on my own. Will I silently struggle and sink to the bottom or will I use this time while my head is still above water to cry out to the One whose hand alone can lift me up, guide me through, and calm the storms both within and without? What stubborn silence plagues my heart and tongue! What prideful paddling keeps my hands from reaching up and reaching out!


One thought on “Treading Water in a Sea Meant to Be Sailed

  1. Joseph, thank you for including me in this study. I am looking forward to forthcoming emails. I enjoy your websites plus Stephanie’s, also.

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