Jesus’ Final Week- Saturday

It is often the case after a great battle that a certain quiet descends on the battlefield. This is not the hush of uncertainty but the deep long breath of victory before the shouts of celebration begin. In the course of human history, after millennia of enmity between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent, after innumerable rebellious acts of defiance and violence in the hearts of men, after vast rivers of blood have flowed from the altars of the people, after soldiers mocked, a nation rejected, and the Father crushed His beloved Son, after those three words “It is finished” uttered with a fleeting breath, today is that quiet moment.

Maybe today you feel like those first disciples as they huddled silently after a long dark night of death. There was an unsettling quiet in the room. God Himself was silent. The night seemed to continue on into the morning. Maybe morning would never come again. But the silence was not one of defeat or retreat or surrender. The silence was weapons being laid down, armor being taken off, the sweetness of rest from the fight. There would be time for celebration and shouts and singing. An empty tomb would be proclaimed to all men the very next day. But what needed to be done was done. I can assure you that the angels in heaven were not silent on this day. The saints who had gone before were not silent on this day. The strong man who had deceived the nations for so long was not silent on this day. And God was not silent on this day. The Lord of Heaven and earth was speaking quite loudly without saying a word.


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