The Way of Holiness

"Have you ever thought of holiness in terms of your destiny as a child of God?  You are not holy now.  You are sinful; the more you live, the more you will be aware of it.  But your destiny is holiness.  God has determined that we are to be holy through the work of the Lord Jesus Christ…

"We think of things relationally today.  Because God is a person and we are like Him in having personalities, we think of our destiny in terms of our relationship to God.  We look forward to the day when we will be able to express our love to Him fully and know the full measure of His love to us.  This is not wrong, of course; we are persons, and our future is to be enfolded in the all-embracing love of God.  But this is not the way the Bible speaks of our destiny.  It is not the love relationship that is emphasized.  The Bible emphasizes that which is the basis of all other experiences: holiness.  The reason why our relationship with God is not all it should be is that we are not holy.  The reason why our relationships with other people are not all they should be is that we are sinful.  We need holiness.  On the day that we pass from earth to heaven we will be holy, for we will be like Jesus, since we will see Him as He is (1 John 3:2)."- James Boice, The Minor Prophets (1986)


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