Why I Wish Harold Camping was Right

I have to admit I was more than a little disappointed when May 21st came and went. It’s too bad that Harold Camping was wrong. I was also a little disappointed in how many Christians seemed relieved or indifferent to it all. Harold Camping is a false prophet who continues to refuse to repent for his errors. This is not about him in the least. What I found in myself was a real desire for his prediction to be true. Not because I believe in Camping but because I imagebelieve what the Scriptures say about the life to come. What person who truly believes the promises God has made to all those who are in union with Christ would want to spend one minute more than necessary under the curse of sin. We tend to think of heaven as so unlike this world that there is a tendency to cling to what we know as  long as possible. The difference between this life and the next can be summed up in two comparisons: curse and blessing, lesser and greater.

This world is still groaning under the curse of sin. The glory of the new earth is that the curse  is replaced with an eternal blessing. Everything that was spoiled by the curse will take on the rich aroma of blessing. Everything that frustrates now will satisfy then. Every work that frustrates us here will bring a bountiful harvest there. Every kingdom that conquers here and every person conquered will dwell together in unity and peace.

The lesser will become the greater. Everything that hints at joy and pleasure here will make us drunk with it there. Lesser loves will become perfect love. Lesser dreams will become greater realities. Lesser relationships will become greater than marriage itself. Fasting will become feasting. Sighing will become singing. Tears will become wine. Limping will become dancing. Shadows will take on breathtaking brilliance.

There will be no temple there for the glory of the Lord will fill the whole earth. The world becomes the Holy of Holies in which the presence of God dwells forever. The forbidden garden, the wilderness wanderings, the exiled land, the rage of the nations- all will be made into a garden city in which true multiculturalism is enjoyed and true communal life is lived out for eternity under the watchful loving eye of King Jesus. His kingdom is forever!


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