Remembering My Dad’s Greatest Victory

When called to arms
to arms he came
to fight a war
without a name.

To quickly grow
from boy to man
from hills and hollows
to strange dark lands.

With bullets and
bandages white
this warrior medic
took up the fight.

A falling star
turned white to red
flashes of heat
revealed the dead.

Trying to save
when all seemed black
losing more than
what could grow back.

With silent words
and visible scars
a wounded man
returned to Mars.

The world was changed
honor dishonored
courage and truth
freely squandered.

All was not lost
as the Father
of my father
gave my mother.

And from these two
a family
where honor, faith
and courage three.

Was giv’n by Dad
to daughter and son
And by God’s grace
continues on.

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