Enemies at the Gate

"How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked…But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night."—Psalm 1:1,2

It is no small matter that we choose our traveling companions wisely today. The Psalmist makes clear the importance of the company we keep and the counsel we receive as we walk through life. Lest we begin thinking of names and faces of those whom we should avoid on our journey, let me suggest a different question for us to meditate on today.

While there is indeed real danger in close friendships with unbelievers, the more pressing question for many of us is this: "Will I give my ear and my heart to those wicked fellows called Pride, Self-indulgence, Lustful Appetite, or Slothfulness?" They will most certainly lead us to destruction. Yet, their fellowship is at times strangely appealing.

Let us not be so naive as to think that wicked counsel only comes from other people. We may do well to avoid walking in the counsel of wicked men and yet walk in the counsel of the wicked nonetheless. I find the voice of Pride or Slothfulness to be much harder to ignore than the voices of many men who would lead me astray.

John Bunyan, in his book The Holy War, speaks of the conquering of the town of Mansoul by the wicked forces of Diabolous. Mansoul is penetrated by evil at two major points—Eye Gate and Ear Gate. Once those two gates are infiltrated the whole town is overcome with darkness. It is a frightening picture, and one that serves as a warning to us to guard our gates well.

What are the sentries that we can position at the gates to protect us from wicked counsel and ensure the blessedness in our journey spoken of by the Psalmist? We must give our hearts to the counsel of God. Our delight is found in His law. We build our defenses by meditating day and night upon the Scriptures and finding our counsel there. Our traveling companions become Truth, Righteousness, Promise and Glory. They will most certainly lead us to their Master where there is blessedness forevermore.

May we walk with strong and good companions today!


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