Sabbath Rest

I want to greet you on this Lord’s Day in the name of our Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

He has called us together today, as He does each Lord’s Day, so that we might find rest. For the people of God, after the resurrection of Christ, this rest comes on the first day of the week, Sunday, not the last day of the week, Saturday.

This is significant because most of us have spent our lives in the rhythm of working then resting. The rest comes after the work, and rightly so. However, as we dedicate this Lord’s Day as a day of rest, we need to be reminded that we are resting first in order that we might work.

We do not gather today because we have done enough good this past week to merit God’s favor and now seek His blessing of rest. Nor do we rest in our sin all week and now come today to work to earn God’s approval through singing, giving and listening.

God calls us at the beginning of the week to rest in the perfect life, death and resurrection of Christ as sufficient to gain us everlasting favor with God. We come to receive restful grace so that the next six days will be days of gospel work. And all of it, the rest and the work, come from God and return to God for His glory and His Kingdom!

Let us worship today free from the yoke of sin which is heavy and bound to the yoke of Christ which is light.


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