Don’t Worry, It’s Only a Flesh Wound!

One more additional word about the dangers of what I recently called “respectable wolves” before we get into the specifics. While the church has many enemies, these are the ones among us threatening to let the Orcs in by opening the doors from the inside. Again, in my opinion, the battles that must be fought and won in this generation are these: creationism, gender, and sexuality. This may surprise some when there are so many other really bad dudes to choose from in the lineup. But these are gateway doctrines.  

Let’s take gender for example. Denominations that blur the lines on gender roles within the church inevitably progress down the road of rationalizing, accepting, then normalizing homosexuality. (You can find a detailed analysis of this here.) This has happened in the Lutheran church, the Episcopal church, the PCUSA, and so on. It is just on the horizon for many others. This progression is rarely an intended one. All of these denominations started out with a high view of God’s sovereignty, a clear view of man’s sinfulness and need for Christ, and an unwavering commitment to the Bible as the authoritative Word of God. And all of them have compromised on exactly those three points. The first cut merely allows the infection to set in, but in the end, it’s the infection that kills you.

We’ll look at the first of these doctrines, Creationism, in my next post. For now, let’s at least come to the realization that we cannot rest upon the victories of past battles. Every generation has to both defend the old territories won and protect new territories threatened. 

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