No Ordinary Meal

As this Holy Week draws near its consummation I wanted to put pen to paper (or keystroke to screen) at least once as we celebrate our Lord’s death and resurrection. In the past I have written meditations about each day leading up to Resurrection Sunday. You can read them here. This year, however, circumstances did not allow me much time to sit and write. But it was not a week without some sweet moments of reflection and thanksgiving for our Risen Savior.

Below is an excerpt of a sermon by Robert Murray McCheyne, the great Scottish Presbyterian preacher, who only lived to be thirty years old but left a great inheritance of truth and grace for all who have come after him. I spent a little time on Good Friday reading his words and giving thanks for so great a God and Savior. Enjoy!

The death of Christ was the most amazing event that ever took place in the universe; and therefore the Lord’s Supper is the most amazing of all ordinances. The angels desire to look into it. I doubt not that angels hover around the communion table, and sing their sweetest praises to the Lamb, when they see that bread broken and that wine poured out.

If the incarnation of Jesus was wonderful, far more wonderful was his dying. This was the highest summit of his obedience: ‘Obedience unto death.’ It was the lowest depth of his humiliation. He stood silent under our accusations; he lay down under our curse; he bore our hell, and died our death.

He was the great Lawgiver, the judge of all before whom every creature must stand and be judged; and yet he consented to come and stand at the bar of his wicked creatures, and to be condemned by them!

He was adored by every holy creature- their sweetest praises were poured out at his feet; and yet he came to be spit upon and reviled, to be mocked, and nailed, and crucified by the vilest of men!

‘In him was life’.’ He was the Prince of life; the author of all natural and spiritual life. He gave to all, life and breath and all things; and yet they killed him. He gave up the ghost; he lay in the cold grave.

The Father loved him infinitely, eternally without beginning, or intermission, or end; and yet he was made a curse for us- bore the same wrath that is poured upon damned spirits.

Ah! brethren, herein was infinite love. Infidels scoff at it, fools despise it; but it is the wonder of all heaven. The Lamb that was slain will be the wonder of all eternity. Today Christ is evidently set forth crucified among you. Angels, I doubt not, will look down in amazing wonder at that table. Will you look on with cold, unmoved hearts? It is a sight of the Lamb slain that moves the hosts of heaven to praise (Rev. 5:8). When the Lamb as it had been slain appears, they fall down before him, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odors. Will you not praise?” –Robert Murray McCheyne, August 1, 1841


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