We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Table

Joy is not an individual journey. It is rarely served at a table for one. It is not something you are born with or can just reach out a grab along the way. Joy is not for the few, the privileged, or the lucky. Joy is for all who are in fellowship with Jesus. It is a fruit of His Spirit dwelling within us. And one of the primary ways God fills up our minds with Christ and brings joy to His children is through our fellowship together—under the Word, around the Table, in the midst of suffering, through the giving of ourselves to one another. Joy is a fruit best enjoyed in our homes and neighborhoods, in the presence of our enemies, among the nations, and in our very identity as those set apart from the world to the kingdom of Christ.

What is joy in this world for the Christian? It is the joyful anticipation of a bride waiting for the music to finally start and seeing the eyes of the universe turn toward her as she looks into the face of her bridegroom. In that moment, nothing else really matters.


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