Twice the Goodness

When the Lord God made Adam and placed him in the garden, He broke from the creational refrain of declaring His creation as good. An Adam without an Eve was “not good.” So often I think of my need for my wife simply in terms of my own weakness and sin. There is certainly no shortage of either to remind me of how much I need her! But my need for a helper is seen in the creation story to precede the fall into sin not result from it. I need my wife because God created me that way. She fulfills a unique purpose in my life that no amount of self-effort or machismo can replace. It is only in a marriage where the two mutually die to themselves and offer up their lives to the other that the “goodness” of becoming one flesh can be seen and enjoyed. If Adam needed Eve in a perfect world, how much more do I need Stephanie in a sinful one!

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