We Could All Use a Little Less Chicken

Okay, how could I resist chiming in on the current flare up involving the birthplace of the chicken sandwich. For those who have been more ostrich than chicken lately, Dan Cathy recently made the outrageous claim that he is completely committed to traditional Christian ideals when it comes to marriage. He further had the audacity to claim that God might not look kindly upon a nation that takes it upon themselves to redefine His own work of creation. I mean, even my four-year-old understands this. Just stand back and watch when her younger brother comes along and adds his own artistic interpretation to a drawing she has been working on. Hell hath no fury…

What is really surprising is not the media’s feigned disgust and shock, not the leaders of major cities responding to supposed intolerance with real intolerance, nor the squeaky protests of an enlightened minority. No, what was really surprising to me was to realize how rare a virtue was on display by this Christian businessman. Humble boldness among Christians in the public square is an elusive creature. Kudos to Mr. Cathy, his family, and his business. I proudly enjoyed my chicken sandwich last night while thinking the church of the Living God (myself included) could use a little less chicken in defending and displaying His glory among the nations. More about that in my next post.


2 thoughts on “We Could All Use a Little Less Chicken

    1. Should’ve gotten away from the liberal hippies protesting then. Friendly people were buying delicious chicken sandwiches just feet from you. Liar, that’s why you’re anonymous.

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