Have We Reached the Bottom Yet?

So our benevolent federal government, courtesy of the outgoing Secretary of Defense, has just lifted the ban on women in combat. We are on enough slippery slopes right now as a nation that Aspen is starting to get jealous. This particular slope has degraded to the point where we are willing to send our sisters, wives, and mothers into danger to fight on our behalf. This is not the same thing as a woman laying down her life for her child or rising to the occasion to defend home or neighbor or friend against impending harm. This is the premeditated sanctioning of the State to send a woman to the front to face danger rather than pushing her to the back to protect from danger.

Of course, this is also the same government that has openly embraced the presence of effeminate men in the military as well. There are many complimentary forces at work here, but let me draw attention to a couple of them. Let’s call them the “flat-earthers” and the “one-worlders.”

The flat-earthers are those who have been pushing for many generations the ideas of feminism and egalitarianism. They sell the lie that we live in a world with differences but not distinctions. Let’s use Judges 17:6 as their motto: “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in their own eyes.”  All things being equal in a flat, bland, non-diverse way (which is exactly what worldly equality is) why wouldn’t women be allowed to go into war on behalf of the nation and die alongside its men in battle? Maybe because there is more to being a great nation than simply winning wars. Why shouldn’t fathers stay home with the kids while mommy goes off to blood and glory? Maybe because there is more to virtue and liberty and the pursuit of happiness than secure borders and military honors. A flat earth may seem like a safe, happy, fair place to live…until you fall off the edges.

The one-worlders are those who reject the biblical notions of personal responsibility and government that flows from the smallest units outward. They have rebelled against God’s design that government flows from the heart to the home to the church to the community to the state to the nation to the nations. These wicked forces turn that on its head. Let’s use Psalm 20:7 to describe them: “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” The mentality of horses and chariots is one of bringing the masses under the rule of a self-declared elite. Horses and chariots denote conquest. Walls and storehouses denote strength and stability. We, as Christians, should absolutely believe in world conquest. Christ’s words command it and His authority guarantees it. But it is a conquest through the spiritual weapons of gospel power, of Word and Sacrament. Worship, sacrificial love, and faithfulness are devastating against the enemy.

The current worldview of the political and academic elites of both the right and the left have this end of top-down rule in view. Which is why we have a military presence in almost every major region of the world. Sovereignty no longer lies with the family or the state or the nation. It lies with the rulers who are above such limitations and distinctions. But this kind of reach requires soldiers, lots and lots of soldiers. In place of a relatively small, well-trained standing army made up of the best of the best, we have lowered the admission standards for military service, often used slick marketing campaigns to recruit young men and women, and now have opened the door to women to fill the ever increasing demand for combat troops. A one-world global community may seem like a noble crusade, but unless it is Christ the King on the throne, all other options end poorly for both the people at the top and the subjects beneath them.


One thought on “Have We Reached the Bottom Yet?

  1. Joey,

    What you said speaks volumes of what’s going on in this world and how the family unit is being torn apart. Thanks for your insightfulness. I look forward to your posts.

    To God be the glory,

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