The Walking Dead

This is probably going to seem an odd post coming from me, and as such, I will keep it brief. In an effort to find something to watch on Netflix that even resembles a good story, I finally gave in to calls of the masses to try The Walking Dead. I know what you’re thinking…a tv series about zombies? Those of you who know me have likely figured out that I am no fan of the horror genre. I neither enjoy it nor see the good in its modern form. You can read some of my thoughts on it here.

With all of that said, I am thoroughly enjoying the series. Yes, it has zombies. Yes, there is more than enough blood and brains to go around. But beneath the surface lies a story about what it means to be human. In fact, the setting is well-suited to tell the story rightly. Unlike most other reinterpretations of the classic monster, zombies remain truly monstrous (for now). They represent the “humanity” of the godless, evolutionary thinking so popular in our day. Zombies are driven by appetite, exhibit beastly instincts, and are no more than the sum of various synapses of the brain. Sound familiar?

The Walking Dead confronts this idea of what it means to be human. Is it instinct? Is it survival? Is it being higher up on the food chain? In reality, it is the difference between the old creation under Adam and the new creation under Christ. What does the world look like when everyone is living according to their own desires and enslaved to their own appetites? Well, the walking dead, I think. We are dead in our sins and trespasses (Eph.2:1), we bite and devour one another (Gal.5:15), we walk according to the impulses of the flesh (Rom.8:5). We just try to clean up the picture a bit.  

Okay, I said I would be brief. The show is certainly no classic. But it does present an unavoidable question of humanity woven into a compelling struggle. A godless world is the true horror. Living life under the sun without the Sun is the true dark ages. We thought the Enlightenment would make us all better humans, when in fact, it made us less human. Christ is the picture of true humanity. To follow in His steps is to become truly and finally human. By God’s grace, He resurrects the heart and the mind to know and love Him. When He comes again, the body that now is wasting away will be raised to life as well.  


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