When Children Can Choose Gender but Not Ice Cream for Lunch

One of the more prominent arguments in the recent push for embracing the homosexual lifestyle among Christians is the claim that most homosexual individuals were born with these desires and inclinations. Okay, setting aside the highly speculative and anecdotal nature of the “science” involved, let’s assume that there is some merit to this. Are all natural-born desires acceptable and good? Are the natures we are born with the standard by which we define what it means to be men and women created in the image of God? Does our obedience to God flow out of our natural desires? As parents, is our job to simply guide and encourage our children toward their natural inclinations or to teach them what is true and good and beautiful that they may grow to govern their desires based upon these standards? Did Jesus sacrifice himself to free us from religious and cultural tyranny or the tyranny of our own sinful hearts? What is my greatest obstacle to truly bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control) in my daily life? Is it myself or other people? Do I accept every choice my friends and loved-ones make in how they live their lives? If not, by what standard do I choose the good choices versus the bad ones? How do I choose what the most loving thing to do in a particular situation? Do I intervene or encourage? Do I seek to rescue or applaud?


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