After Getting Slapped Around A While

“Then Zedekiah son of Kenaanah walked up to Micaiah and slapped him across the face. ‘When did the Spirit of the LORD leave me to speak to you?’ he demanded.”- 1 Kings 22:24

Let’s face it, the prophets of our day have conquered the public square and lay claim to the ears of the people. They are self-appointed, self-righteous, and will permit no rivals. The courts claim absolute authority. The scientists claim absolute truth. The politicians claim absolute fatherhood. The entertainers claim absolute worship.

The true prophetic office of the church, in contrast, seems to have been slapped and shamed into silence and submission. Now that the prophets are taking the people into crazy land, the church is trying to find her voice again.

One thing these cultural prophets understand clearly, and the church would do well to relearn, is that there can only be one truth, one voice. There is one Spirit and He does not contradict Himself. If the world slaps us on one cheek, let’s turn the other one around with the joy of the Lord on our face, the word of Truth on our lips, and the song of victory in our hearts.

What we cannot be is compliant and disguise it as compassion. We cannot be confused and disguise it as open-minded. We cannot be fearful and disguise it as humility. We cannot be culturally accepted and disguise it as gospel relevance. Among a people who have lost their identity, let us, as the people of the Triune God, rediscover ours. Only then will we speak truth in love. And if our cheeks are red, it won’t be from embarrassment.



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