Comical Chaos and the Tale of Two Conventions

The news feed on my phone keeps sending me updates on both the Republican National Convention and Comic-Con, the largest comic book convention happening at the same time in San Diego. It’s just as well, I guess. There are quite a few similarities.

Both conventions have there fair share of characters. Whether its men in suits or men in tights, a people created in the image of God but fallen from glory will always crave a savior. And in this world, there’s never a shortage of would-be heroes lining up for the position.

Both conventions thrive on creating and living in a world that is more fantasy than reality. It’s colorful, bold, promising, and utterly disconnected from the actual world we live in. This is not to slight a good fantasy story. Fantasy done right can actually paint a more truthful picture of the world than pure realism. But this is mere fantastic escapism at work. Neither group these days seem to desire humbling themselves under the true Creator. They are the creators; they are the ultimate authors of the story. They determine reality.

Both conventions demonstrate the need for community around something bigger than the individual. There is a hunger for unity and transcendence that will only fully be satisfied in the worship of the Triune God. But that doesn’t stop people from wearing funny t-shirts, making a lot of noise, and replacing the Divine comedy for some comical chaos.


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