When All the Christmas Lights are Taken Down

I cannot think of a metaphor that more fully describes the reality of the Christmas celebration than the image of light. The Christmas season is synonymous with the invasion of lights, and rightly so. There are lights on houses, lights on trees, lights in windows, lights on public buildings, lights, lights, lights. And so it … More When All the Christmas Lights are Taken Down

Peace on Earth

I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to address the terrible murders in Newtown, Connecticut. First, I didn’t quite know what to say. Grief and sorrow are difficult emotions for which to find words. Second, lots of people were already saying lots of things in the days following. Some of them good and helpful, some … More Peace on Earth

The Morning After

Let us not forget that the moment Jesus took on flesh and came into the world as a baby, it was, like it is for all of us, the first day of a long descent towards death. Christmas is only merry if it gives way to the suffering and death of Easter. You cannot celebrate … More The Morning After