A Few Good Men

Memorial Day is just one of many occasions that I intentionally think about and give thanks for my dad. Several years ago now he departed this life to be with his Lord, but the memories of the man he was still bear their fruit on this earth. Unlike so many career military persons, he did … More A Few Good Men

A Father to Many

Recently, Doug Wilson has been doing some great work on Father Hunger way out there in Moscow, Idaho. I have been thinking a lot about my own father in the past few days. While he went to be with the Lord several years ago, I still miss him tremendously. One of the many things I … More A Father to Many

Thanks for Nothing

Being thankful is much more difficult than it sounds. It requires more than an inward feeling or outward word. To be right and good, this giving of thanks must be properly directed and properly motivated. Thankfulness is not a stand alone virtue. It is a seasoning that must be added to everything else. We can … More Thanks for Nothing